Research & Development

We have placed ourselves in a leading position to transfer unprecedented research & development in simulating performance of high-sensitive and high-precision integrated optics design and laser technology to the industry, world-wide.
With the emergence of photonics in high-precision measurement applications and data processing, the uninterrupted understanding of the complex characteristics of the photonic components and their system integration on a common photonic integrated circuit is a match winning point for their successful design, optimisation, production and its functionality.
By using the right tools, right technology, having the right engagement and efficiency, we improve productivity, quality, yield, reduce risks and lower overall time and costs in the design and optimisation process of photonic components and entire systems.
After years of development, optimization and application, we support you with our one-of-a-kind highly accurate vectorial computer-aided design software suite for high-sensitive and high-precision integrated optics design in achieving of your objectives.
Detailed information and examples can be found under the download link: Software Suite.