Research & Development

In the following on this page we would like to share some impressions of our work with interested customers and readers.
For the coupling of product and sales-increasing innovations our work in the field of R&D includes all planned and systematic activities based on scientific methods, the aim of which is to acquire new knowledge and to offer a clear competitive advantage for our customers, world-wide.
By using the right tools, right technology, having the right engagement and efficiency, we translate the voice of customers and markets into internal company processes with drawing the right conclusions for the futureā€oriented product portfolio and business activities. We improve the brand perception, innovation, productivity, quality, yield and lower overall time and costs in the design of future-oriented products, components, entire systems and entrepreneurial activities.

Good companies satisfy customer needs, successful ones create markets.

Advanced sensor technologies for high-precision and high-sensitive futureā€oriented ADAS and AHRS applications.
Information, examples and applications can be found under the download link: SensorsADASAHRS.