KUBAINK ENGINEERING is a multi-disciplinary, creative and globally active management consultancy and engineering company. We navigate companies through their unique technology, product and innovation journey – from strategy to operations.

Our mission is straight forward: With our work, the limits of understanding of innovation in terms of Strategy & Transformation, Product Management and Development and Operations are newly defined and even exceeded.

Transformation demands an interconnected approach, bringing together business & portfolio & markets, people & organizations, operations & processes and technologies.
We guarantee things get done.

Cologne, Germany

One of the most effective ways of optimizing your business, whether you’re a startup, a family-owned company, a small and medium-sized enterprise or a multinational, is by acquiring and implementing new technologies, appropriate processes and a profitable product portfolio for your operations and to bring your operations and challenges in alignment with the future markets. Technology changes and develops at a lightning-quick pace, and it’s important to keep up if you want to increase efficiency and synergy. The voice of the customer is decisive here and this must be successfully transferred to internal company processes and future operations.

Among others, our services includes the invention, design, development and manufacture of products, components and systems to setup an sustainable and profitable product portfolio and long term plan.
Furthermore we provide the development and execution of implications for startups, family-owned companies, small and medium-sized enterprises or multinationals and to combat the penetration by challengers from rapidly developing economies into incumbent markets.