Kubaink Engineering is a multi-disciplinary, creative and global management and engineering company founded by Dr. Joachim Kubaink.
Kubaink Engineering originats from more than 25 years of leading activities in the field of High-Technology, Aerospace, Automotive, Sensor Systems, Engineering, Electronics & Mechanics, Optics, Photonics & Laser Technology and is located in Cologne, Germany.

The object of the company is to connect for the first time pioneering high technology elements from the field of aerospace and from special research areas of sciences with one of a kind engineering arts and unique design ideas. From this fusion unprecedented and unique high technology objects emerge. With Joachim`s components, systems and processes the limits of understanding of innovation are newly defined and even exceeded.

With our work clients get exclusive access to extraordinary and incomparably unique high technologies, which are generally not available to private citizens. These technologies are limited through their complexity, sensibility and confidentiality.
We are familiar with the entire product creation process and our emphasis is on creating something not seen before.

Dr. Joachim J Kubaink
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