Service & Competence

Product and Corporate Development
With 25+ years of international expertise in hightech-industries, engineering and product & corporate development we navigate multinationals, medium-sized companies, business units and start-ups within highly competitive environments and demanding markets through their unique product and innovation journey, to give a hand to survive threatening situations and to assist in achieving of theirs objectives − from strategy to operations.
Specialty: hightech-industries like Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Electronics & Photonics, Sensors, Lasers, Systems and Solutions in Inertial Navigation, Stabilization, Guidance and Control (AHRS, ADAS, Predictive Analytics).

We partner with our clients to deliver customer-driven business success. Therefore we are developing and providing a high level of knowledge and wisdom on Consumer and Business Environment through a variety of research and intelligence in order to contribute in a proactive manner to the development of short and long term strategies and to translate the voice of customers and markets into internal company processes with drawing the right conclusions for the future-oriented product portfolio and business activities.

We operate between nanometer & meter, picoseconds & hours, zero emission & speed of light, bespoke tailored customer-specific solutions & large volume operations.

Technology changes at a lightning-quick pace. It’s of vital importance to keep up if you want to achieve your objectives and to survive.
One of the most effective ways to develop, strengthen, optimize or rescue your business is by acquiring a future-oriented profitable product portfolio with technologies representing the new millennium in alliance with appropriate processes. Regardless of whether you’re a startup, a family-owned company, a small and medium-sized enterprise or a multinational. Success demands an interconnected approach.
Bringing together business − portfolio − technologies − markets, people − organizations and operations − processes is key to survive.
The development and execution of implications to combat the penetration by challengers into incumbent markets, to conquer own new business and to bring your operations and challenges in alignment with the future markets and customers is also key to a long-term corporate success.

Key to a successful product is understanding the markets and its future users. Comprehension the drivers, demands, and restraints of the product is crucial to being able to run an efficient development process.
We develop and provide a high level of knowledge on consumer and business environment through a variety of market & business intelligence/analytics in order to contribute in a proactive manner to understand user needs in correlation with market opportunities. Our ability to translate the voice of customers and markets into internal company operations with drawing the right conclusions for the future product portfolio its mirrored into our vision for the project at hand.